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We're excited to announce the contestants who will be competing in Adelaide Uni's Got Talent 2021! Watch the performers below and vote for your favourite. Contestants include:  

Ricky Fernandes Melisa Lestira
Hilmiy Stephanie Angela
Romy Glass Kylie Ling
Amanda Turner Joash Tham
Shanice Aw Kira Yang
Wena  Sara Qanti
On The Line Jasmehar Bawa
Nirvana  Jacob & Cameron
Jannath Hera (Ara) Maddzz
Good Nature Sophie & Tim

Finalists will be announced Friday 13 August, with a LIVE final being held on Wednesday 25 August. 


Please note: Only one vote per person. We reserve the right to discard multiple votes. Make sure you're following the Facebook event to stay up to date with the finals.

Ricky Fernandes - "Ordinary People"     

Melisa Lestira - "Frozen"

Hilmiy - Medley of Indonesian Songs & Dances

Stephanie Angela - "Never Enough"

Romy Glass - "He's No Good"   


Kylie Ling - "Dance Monkey"

Amanda Turner - "The Edge"

Joash Tham - "Adelaide For Me"

Shanice Aw - "Wrecking Ball"       

Kira Yang - "Nobody Does It Like Me"

Wena - "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going"

Sara Qanti - "Legong Condong" (Balinese dance)

Maddzz - Contemporary, Jazz and Burlesque     


Jannath Hera (Ara) - "All I Ask"

On The Line - "Crooked House"

Jasmehar Bawa - Indian Percussion

Nirvana - Indian Dance

Jacob & Cameron - "Join The Club"

Good Nature - "The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows"

Sophie & Tim - Swing Dance Duo