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Student Representatives

Merlin Wang

Aiden Zeyang Wang



Kathryn Howes
Executive Officer

Summa Gilbert
Human Resources and Administration Manager

Kathy Kyriakidis
Finance and Payroll Officer

Kim Fereday
Office Coordinator


Student Engagement:

Kearin Hausler
Acting Head of Engagement



Kearin Hausler
Marketing and Communications Manager

Victoria Thurston
Sponsorship and Membership Manager

Nina Pattingale
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Frankie Pastrinostro
Graphic Designer


Events & Volunteering:

Cara Bowley
Event and Program Manager

Braidee Otto
Events and Program Coordinator

Jazlyn Miller
Events and Program Officer

Jessica Stevens Friday
Events Officer




Tony Gunn
Student Engagement Coordinator

Emma Agars
Clubs Admin Support


Employment Services: 

Judith Adams
Employment Services Coordinator


Student Care:

Ann Madigan
Manager, Student Care & Senior Education and Welfare Officer

Jo Porter
Education and Welfare Officer

Andrew Hickey
Education and Welfare Officer

Ruth Thomas
Education Welfare Officer

Beth Higgins
Education Welfare Officer

Elaine Ang
Education Welfare Officer

Toni Paxton
Student Care Administrator