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A Policy of YouX (historically the Adelaide University Union) enacted pursuant to clause 21 of the AUU Constitution.


1.1 To ensure that YouX, its staff and affiliates act in accordance with the Government’s Privacy Act. 
1.2 To set out a basic framework for ensuring the privacy of all individuals who provide information that is collected by YouX. 

2.1 The definitions in clause 3 of the AUU Constitution apply to this policy. 
2.2 In this policy, the expression “personal information” is used to describe any information or opinion about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion, and may include name, address, date of birth and staff or student identification number. This includes personal information pertaining to current and former students, current and former staff, and Affiliates of the Adelaide University Union. 
In this Policy, the expression “sensitive information” is used to describe personal information relating to racial or ethnic origin, religious and philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences, political affiliations, disabilities and medical conditions. 

Interpretation of this policy is within the jurisdiction of the President, pursuant to the authority of Board. 

YouX recognises its responsibility to collect, manage, use and disclose personal information in accordance with legislation. 
This policy can be read in conjunction with the Government Privacy Act from the 21st of December 2001. A copy of the Act is available from the Human Resources Department. 
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The YouX Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected and held by YouX and individuals employed or engaged by YouX. This Policy covers personal information pertaining to current and former students, current and former staff, and also applies to all Affiliates of YouX. Personal information does not include information about an individual that is contained within publicly available publications, or information about a person who has been deceased for more than 30 years. 
Any hardcopy or electronic record created by a YouX staff member in the course of their duties is an official YOUX record and is, therefore, covered by this policy. 

6.1 Manner and purpose of personal information collection 
6.1.1 Personal information: Personal information will only be collected if it is required for a lawful purpose directly related to a function or an activity of YouX, or if the collection of the information is required by law. YouX will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected and held by YouX is accurate, authentic and reliable. YouX will take reasonable steps to inform individuals of how it will use the information it has collected. YouX will take responsible steps to inform individuals of the implications of providing and of not providing the information. 
6.1.2 Sensitive information: YouX will only collect sensitive information as required by law or with the individual’s consent. 
6.2 Solicitation of Personal Information 
6.2.1 YouX will solicit personal information directly from the individual concerned except where the individual authorises otherwise, or in cases where the individual would be disadvantaged if the information were not gained from another source. 
6.2.2 YouX may solicit personal information from a source other than the individual concerned if the individual is reasonably suspected of being or having been engaged in unlawful activity. 
6.3 Storage and Security of Personal Information 
6.3.1 YouX will ensure that personal information is protected by all reasonable safeguards against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or any other misuse. 
6.3.2 YouX will ensure that personal information is kept for no longer than it’s necessary for the purpose for which it may lawfully be used. Records will be disposed of securely and in accordance with any requirements for the retention and disposal of personal information. 
6.3.3 YouX will maintain a Privacy Management Plan for the student and staff information to document classes of personal information held by YouX. The Privacy Management plan will contain the following information: The classes of individual about whom the records are kept; 

Privacy Page 3 The sources of information held; Purpose and types of personal information collected and held; The period for which personal information is retained; Who will have access to personal information. 
6.3.4 Student cards may only be used as a form of deposit on borrowed items, where the duration of the loan is three hours or less. For periods of longer than three hours or for overnight deposits, student cards may not be used. 

6.4 Access to records 
The Adelaide University Union will take reasonable steps to allow an individual to access the personal information it holds about them and to correct inaccurate information as appropriate. 
6.5 Use and disclosure of personal information 
6.5.1 Personal information collected and held by YouX will only be accessed and used by people employed or engaged by YouX as required in the fulfilment of their duties and in a manner consistent with the original purpose stated at the time of collection. Information may be disclosed in the following instances: With the individual’s written consent, or To reduce or avoid a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety or a serious threat to the public health and safety, or When the use or disclosure is required or is specifically authorised by law, or If the individual is reasonably suspected of being engaged in current or past unlawful activity, and the personal information is disclosed as a necessary part of the investigation or reporting the matter; or As required by law to certain government departments and statutory bodies including Centreline, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, the Australian Taxation Office, Medical Board of South Australia and their successor bodies. 
6.5.2 Third parties, to whom YouX releases personal information, are required to abide by the principles contained in YouX’s Privacy Policy. 

7.1 Human Resources (HR) is responsible for ensuring new staff members receive a copy of the policy. 
7.2 The General Manager is responsible for ensuring that all students and all current staff members have access to the policy. 
7.3 All individuals employed and engaged by YouX are responsible for adhering to the provisions of the Policy. 

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8.1 The Policy will be included in the information package provided to all new members of staff. 
8.2 Affiliate Presidents and Area Managers will be responsible for the implementation of the Policy in their area. 
8.3 The Policy will be available on the YouX website. 
8.4 The Policy will be included in staff training where appropriate and reflected in the document of business processes. 
8.5 Any student may register a complaint according to YouX Student Grievances Policy. Subsequent complaints may be registered according to the Policy and Procedures for the Prevention, Handling and Resolution of Student Complaints, which document is available from the Student Centre. 
8.6 Any staff member with may register a complaint according to the Staff Grievance Procedures in the relevant Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. 

First Enacted: Monday 15th of April 2002 COPY KEPT