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Stress Less On The Lawns

Stress Less On The Lawns

Wed 12 May 2021 11:00-15:00

Barr Smith Lawns

Join us on the Barr Smith Lawns for food giveaways, massages, mini golf, therapy dogs, scrunchie making, painting and SO MUCH MORE!

We’ve partnered with the SRC and AUU Clubs to bring you a whole day of activities and resources to help you get you ready for SWOTVAC and exams.




University life is rich with friendships, learning and opportunity. However, it is also often challenging and at times, daunting. It is important that we know ourselves and practice good self-care. Whether it be a walk through a park, playing sport, reading a book or catching up with friends. In our view, your studies will benefit as a result. 


History's most accomplished people all share one trait... they plan. It is essential to begin developing your planning skills now. That is because the routines we establish at University will likely stay with us for life. Whenever we plan out an hour of study we like to: use 5 minutes considering my aims for the period; spend 45 minutes actually studying; and finally, 10 minutes reflecting on what to do next. 


The University of Adelaide boasts an incredibly diverse student cohort. Our campus is occupied by people from every corner of the globe and from all walks of life. This represents an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. We encourage everyone to collaborate with their peers. We trust that your studious efforts will be aided by others, there is no need to go it alone! 



??Procrastination Station
Keen to kill some time or take a break from study? Head to the online Procrastination Station to play games, do some pop-culture quizzes or just mindlessly scroll through memes- we won’t judge!

??Student Care
Provides essential independent advice and information, welfare and support services for all students enrolled at the University. With many students currently having heightened uncertainty in relation to their study, housing and employment Student Care provides critical advice and support. Appointments are available face to face, or by phone, Zoom or email

??Wellbeing Hub
The Uni’s Wellbeing Hub is full of tips to help you navigate the difficulties of uni life, from maintaining physical and mental health to creating a balanced social and study life.