About Us

What do we do?
We carefully select the world’s top university talent, provide them with professional training and mentoring, and then match them with non-profits that have applied for assistance based on their expertise, interests, and abilities. They then work as volunteers in teams to develop in-depth solutions to the challenges the non-profits face. This is mutually beneficial. Our consultants develop transferable skills, engage in experimental learning, become engaged citizens, improve their entrepreneurial abilities, and develop as leaders. Non-profits receive assistance they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Who do we look for? 

We look for highly motivated and achieving students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) from all faculties at The University of Adelaide who:

  • Show interest in creating a positive social impact for the community
  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate a high level of communication skills and work well within a team

What does a typical project look like?

At 180DC Adelaide a typical project for consultants will entail:

Overview of Projects at USYD

  • Weekly team meetings – you will be in a team consisting of 4-5 consultants, lead by 1 team leader and overseen by a consulting director and the executive team. Each week, you will meet once to discuss project direction and work on the project with your team.
  • Project work – you will have deliverables set out in your project brief, which are due throughout the semester.
  • Client meetings – you will meet with your client throuoghout the semester and update them on project progress.
  • Mentor meetings – you will meet with your industry mentors from PwC for project guidance.
  • Tailored training – you will receive hours of training led by experienced executive members in the form of workshops and an induction training.

For any inquiries feel free to contact us at our Facebook page or via email (recruitment.adelaide@180dc.org).