About Us

The Pakistani Students' Association at the University of Adelaide

The Pakistani Students' Association promotes Pakistani culture, fosters a sense of community, and facilitates cross-cultural exchange among students. Our purpose is to create an environment where individuals who appreciate Pakistani culture or seek to explore and understand it can come together, learn, celebrate, and engage in a wide range of cultural activities such as music, films, food, art, etc.

While we primarily focus on Pakistani culture, our club is open to all students who wish to explore, appreciate, or engage with diverse cultural experiences. We actively promote inclusivity and celebrate the cultural tapestry of our members. We prioritize building a strong sense of community and belonging among our members. Through our cultural events and social activities, we create an environment where students can form lasting friendships and support networks. Our club provides a platform for students of various backgrounds to interact, learn, and appreciate the beauty of Pakistani culture. We actively encourage dialogue and collaboration with other cultural clubs on campus, contributing to a more diverse and interconnected university community.

Connect with us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adelaidepsa/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adelaidepsa/ 


Executive Committee

President: Nauman Yawar Butt

Vice-President: Abdul Kareem

Treasurer: Mishal Mukhtiar

General Secretary: Mustafa Taj Kayani