About Us

Heyas, we’re the AHMS Art Society. Now hold on, despite our name, we’re really not about producing or admiring works such as the Mona Lisa, The Starry Night… or even the Malls Balls! No, we’re just a group of UoA students (in the AHMS) catching up for fun, relaxation and self-expression.

So basically, every week, we provide a room for two hours where you can come in and produce art. Our inventory allows for drawing, colouring, painting, origami etc. But we are certainly not limited to just these activities – you can do whatever you like here (for legal reasons, I must declare that illegal activity is not permitted because they are not legal.) Heck, you can just come in here to chill and listen to some nice tunes – surely that counts as appreciating art.

We also host art workshops and fundraisers for charity - so that's also a plus.

So let’s say you have a free period, and you’re looking for:

  • A fun environment to relax
  • Opportunities to develop your own visual art skills
  • Opportunities to meet other likeminded peers from different years (and degrees – bring your dent/nursing friends!!)

You know where to go - come join!

Our weekly session meeting locations and times vary, so please do check and follow our social media to be up to date!