About Us

Like to eat? Like to bake? Join the Adelaide University Baking Club!

We are the Adelaide University Baking Club! The first committee formed at the end of 2021 was a group of dental students who enjoy baking (and eating) but with a common desire to introduce non-bakers to this incredibly therapeutic and rewarding hobby in addition to fuelling existing passions that home bakers have. 

Baking can seem intimidating to those who have little experience or exposure to it, so much so that even using Betty Crocker Pre-mix Brownies might seem like a mammoth task. While there are many intricacies involved in baking, with proper guidance and useful tips by more experienced bakers, anybody can bake something that they would be proud of sharing with others.

While sweet deserts are a big portion of baking, the world of baking does also encompass savoury mains that utilise the oven, and that is an area that we will be covering in the future as well!

2023 will be an exciting new year for the baking club! There will be many opportunities to learn and showcase your baking skills either through classes or COMPETITIONS, as well as enjoy wonderful baked goods together! 

Follow us on Instagram @aubakingclub to get to know more about baking as well as be updated on our events where you can meet like-minded bakers or bakers-to-be!