About Us

Campus: North Terrace

We at the Adelaide University Engineering Society pride ourselves on being the most pro-fun club on campus and welcome all students to join in. Engineer or not, we're all about having a good time, be it on a sunny Friday afternoon at one of our BBQs on the Barr Smith Lawns or chatting with alumni and future employers in a casual setting at the Societies of SET Industry Night – we do it all!  University can be a tough slog at times, so we're here to help. To find out how we do it, and how you can join in, click on the events tab and we'll see you soon!

Events: You may have already of heard of the AUES through our annual Pub Crawl in March. At almost 3,000 people it is one of the biggest pub crawls in the WORLD and certainly the best. You can't miss this quintessential UofA student experience – it's the kind of event you'll tell your kids about! While we meet many members on pub crawl, it's at our quarterly BBQs where members fall in love with the AUES. We gift members free and unlimited food, ice cream, music, soft drinks, punch, beer and cider. We typically host BBQs on a Friday on the Barr Smith lawns at the start of every term, it doesn't get much better than this.   Each year we coordinate and fund an Industry Night with the rest of the Societies of ECMS. It's a great way to meet and mingle with alumni and industry in a casual environment. If you're looking for some vital work experience or a grad role it's your perfect opportunity – we recommend coming straight away in 1st year for maximum job potential. Term 3 brings members the best value event on campus: AUES Quiz Night, a night of incredible costumes and intense competition, brilliant bribery, free food and drink. Quiz night is not an event for the faint-hearted, and only the quick get in, last year all 30 tables sold out within 90 seconds…  To wrap up the year the AUES bring you one cocktail night to rule them all. It's one more night to shake off the cobwebs before the term 4 exam period, and for honours students, an opportunity to celebrate with your uni mates one more time. The AUES transform a local venue to take our members on a journey to remember (hopefully!).  …And then, because it was such a good time, we run it all back the next year!    For those brave enough, the committee hold an AGM in Term 3. We love new friends just as much as we love a good time – so get involved if you enjoy the AUES!

Fee: $10 per year