About Us

The Adelaide Veterinary Students’ Association (AVSA) is a club designed for Veterinary students and other students studying related courses, or those with similar interests. AVSA provides social events during the year as an outlet for students, along with educational activities and lectures aimed at topics which may not otherwise be a focus in said courses. Our annual Vet Ball, Pub-crawl, Rosie Review, Industry Week, Artworthy, and more, were held with much success last year, and AVSA aims to go even bigger and better in 2023 by increasing the opportunity for exposure to companies within the vet industry and once again running our popular social events at some of the best venues in Adelaide. Being a part of AVSA is a great way to be involved socially with other students of varying year levels, as well as to receive discounts to organised events and club merchandise!

President: Sophie Miller

Vice President: Sahana Kumari

Contact: avsa@clubs.youx.org.au

Membership: $25