About Us

Welcome to EVAC! The Extremely Versatile Acronym Club!

We offer a place to hang out and play games every Wednesday and Friday night 4pm-12am in the old UniBar (Union House 519). We have a big competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, but don't feel intimidated if that's not your style, we run plenty of other games, from retro classics to whatever the new hotness is! Feel free to ask anyone with a game setup if you can join in,or bring your own games and coerce others to join you! 

Wednesday meetings are mostly competitive Smash Bros. practice/tournaments, but there's also an anime watch group that meets from 6, wheras Fridays are our "main" meeting night.

Events: In 2021 we hope to start up some larger-scale EVAC events, such as LAN nights or Pub Crawls, so stay tuned to our social media or "Things to Do at Adelaide U" for any news of those! 

So if any of this sounds like you, feel free to send us a message at evac@clubs.auu.org.au or swing by on by!

Fee: $5 for University of Adelaide students, $10 for others. Our membership card is also good for buy 2 get 1 free at Adelaide Comics Centre in Adelaide Arcade!
Discord: https://discord.gg/RJSj2vV