About Us

The Greens club is the natural home for progressives and environmentalists interested in the Australian Greens’ values of ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and peace & non-violence.

Our movement is focused on delivering the plans we need to ensure that everyone has a good life.  The Greens are committed to ensuring that all people are treated equally, that our environment is protected, and that big donors can no longer buy the influence of politicians and governments. The Greens plans' would see billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, so we can invest now to create hundreds of thousands of good jobs, build public homes, bring down the cost of living, improve renter’s rights, bring back free university, and tackle the climate crisis.

As a member of our club, you can gain access to the youth branch of the Greens (The Young Greens) and opportunities to campaign, learn about policy and meet other passionate progressives to advocate for real social justice change. If you want to join the movement and help us bring democracy back to the hands of people and out of the hands of corporations - Join us today!

Email us (greens@clubs.youx.org.au) or message us on our socials to join!

2024 President: Val Caceres