About Us

Campus: North Terrace

The Adelaide Indian Students' Society exists to promote the culture, art, food, fashion, and music of the Indian Subcontinent within the South Australian student community. Our events are attended by students of all backgrounds to celebrate and foster goodwill amongst University students. The Society organises various social activies, cultural programs, food appreciation events and dance classes. 

As the primary student body for Indian students at the University of Adelaide, the society also takes pride in assisting international students with queries concerning accomodation, campus culture, tertiary admission, and PR attainment. 

For further information about events and queries, please contact us on our social media platforms:

Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/AdelaideIndianStudents/

Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/adelaideindianstudents/

Email - indian@clubs.auu.org.au

President:  Snigdha Choudhary