About Us

Welcome to the Japanese Language and Cultural Society.

Who we are

JLACS is a student-run society, with the aim to promote the Japanese language and culture to local students, while creating a space for like-minded people to meet. 

What we do

We run events where it provides an opportunity for members to gather and socialise with other students, including students studying Japanese and Japanese nationals.

Tomodachi club is a weekly social club where members can gather regularly. We usually play board games, chit chat with others and practice Japanese and English, and meet new people. Snacks and soft drinks are also provided. Tomodachi club is held every Tuesday during the academic year from 4:00PM - 6:00PM, at the Backstage Cafe in the Schulz building.

JLACS also runs monthly events. Past events include: beach day, hiking day, cafe crawl, easter-egg hunter, quiz night, pub crawl, cooking events etc. 

How to Join 

You are more than welcome to drop by our next event and sign up in person! Simply approach one of our friendly committee members and they will guide you through the membership process.  Memberships are $10 for new members, $5 for old members and free if you are a short term exchange student.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email (japanese@clubs.auu.org.au) or message us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/aujlacs) if you have any further questions! 

Thank you and please do not hesitate to come. Our club welcomes new people.  


2021 Commitee 

President: Nicole Nicholson

Vice President: Thu Nguyen

Secretary: Truc Ha Nguyen

Treasurer: Ka Yip Mak

Head Event Coordinator: Dan Duy Pham Tran

  • Event Coordinators:

    • Ivyanna Roselyn

    • Sogdiana Juraeva

    • Jia Jun Ho

Communications Officer: Nicole Nicholson

Social Media Coordinator: Truc Ha Nguyen

Japanese Student Representative: TBD