About Us

The Labor Club is the official club for pragmatic, progressive young people with an interest in the Australian Labor Party and the wider union movement. We are the oldest University political club in South Australia with alumni like Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and SA Labor Premier Jay Weatherill. 

We are a group committed to social democracy and practical action on campus and accross society. We must do more in offering policies that give hope to Australians who feel rightly angry. We urge our members to stay informed on the issues and be a strong voice in your community to counter the Liberal narrative. We must do our bit to oppose this regressive government by being more active on and outside campus, organising students, and reaching out to voters!   

Joining the Club means you will be a member of the broader labour movement - a movement which has fought proactively for over 150 years for workers' rights, fairness, decency, social justice and a greater Australia.

As a member of Labor's youth wing you will be exposed to a broad spectrum of experiences and opportunities. Whether your interests lie in advocating for workers' rights through the union movement, campaigning for Labor Governments, fighting for social justice, getting active on campus or campaigning for the issues that matter to you - the Labor Club is the place for you!

Get involved today! - http://eepurl.com/dsgNcv

President: Will Dodsworth