About Us

Pig Club is a special interest group based at Roseworthy campus. Our goal is to provide our members with an education in pig handling, and the pig industry. We hold regular sessions with industry and animal professionals to help members go beyond their university education and build networks for the future.

Pig Club members are also given the opportunity to attend and volunteer at events outside of the University, such as the Royal Adelaide Show, where they are able to play a role in educating the broader community about the pig industry.

Considered the greatest feature of Pig Club is our own shelter on campus where we house a handful of pigs every year to be handled and raised by our members! (And, even better, you can take selfies with them!) 

A must join club for any Roseworthy students hoping to gain animal handling or industry experience, or even if you just want to visit the pigs at the end of a stressful day!

For more information or to join the club please email us at pigclub@clubs.auu.org.au

Campus: Roseworthy

President name: Lani Bushnell

Fee: $10 annual membership fee