About Us

The Adelaide University Sciences Association (we call ourselves AUScA) is the oldest non-sporting club at the University. Over the past 129 years (and counting!), the club has brought together students from across all the branches of science, where many form lifelong friendships at the various events we hold.  Throughout the years and through its multiple guises, AUScA has influenced many science graduates from the University of Adelaide. However, despite its length, the history of AUScA is a patchy one, due the fact that many records have been lost over the years, or simply were never filed due to the secretary of the time preferring to finish an assignment (or go partying) rather than record the minutes. The first record of AUScA dates to the 25th of June 1891, only 17 years after the founding of the University of Adelaide itself. In a letter to the Registrar of the University, 14 students requested the usage of University facilities to form themselves into a "scientific club", leading us to what we have today.

We run social activities and academic services for Science students, organised by an elected student committee each year. 

Come to our Pubcrawls, BBQs, SciBall, Film Screenings, Quiz Nights and more science-themed events! 

$5 annual membership, For information on signing up please see our website: http://www.ausca.org.au

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Campus: North Terrace

2021 Committee Members:

President: Megan Jenssen

Vice President: Ammresh

Treasurer: Matthew Tarran

Secretary: Ella Edwards

Events Officer: Brooke Trowbridge

Sponsorship Officer: Shona Swart

Communications Officers: Sophie Winsborough & Jaimie Cook

Graphics Director: Corazon Atkin-Zaldivar

First Year Representative: POSITION VACANT

Second Year Representative: Muskaan Gupta

Third Year Representative: Hamzah Almansab

Postgraduate Representative: River Pachulicz

General Committee: Angel Yonehara