About Us

Campus: North Terrace

We are Singaporean students of The University of Adelaide. All Adelaide students & alumni are welcome to join us!

Current Committee (2019-2020):
President: Udella Chan
Vice-president: Chia Ming En
Secretary: Ryan Zachary Wee
Treasurer: Heng Kingjin
Events Officer: Amelia Tan
Membership Officer: Shaanan Yong
Public Relations Officer: Kim Nayeon
Publicity Executives: Chinmai Patil & Joash Tham
Health Science Faculty Rep (Medicine): Germaine Chua
Dentistry Rep: Jerica Fung
Engineering Rep: Samuel Chin

Medical Wing Committee (2019-2020):
Chairperson: Natalie Tan
Vice-Chairperson: Leonard Song
Health Sci Faculty (Med) Rep: Germaine Chua
Year 6 Rep: Kenneth Choy
Year 5 Rep: Michelle Tan
Year 4 Rep: Roy Wong
Year 3 Rep: Lee Xin
Year 2 Rep: Heng Kingjin
Medical Wing e-mail: sa.medwing@gmail.com 

We are still in search of interested individuals who are willing take up the available positions. Email us to apply!