About Us

The Space Society is a club that was founded in April 2017. The objective of our association is to provide a social and educational environment for all students and staff with interests in space regardless of their field of study. We also want to organise events that all members can enjoy and cultivate an interest in space sciences for the wider community. 

This club is also open to collaboration with other student-led associations and external communities with the goal to hold events that members can enjoy. 

The kinds of events that we have held include:

  • Hackathon - It has nothing to do with hacking ?(°?°)?
  • Galaxy Ball
  • Australian Space Discovery Centre Tours
  • Haunted House
  • Viewing Nights
  • AIP Networking Night (collaboration with AUScA and AIP)
  • Space Science Networking Nights
  • Quiz Nights
  • and there's more to come!!

Anyone can join become a member of our society for FREE!! If you would like to become a member, please fill in the form below! 

Membership Link: https://forms.gle/pE3K3c138eo3Pb3eA 


Let's talk space! 

Campus: North Terrace

President name: Michael Smallridge