About Us

Campus: North Terrace

About: We are the Adelaide University Vietnamese Students Association (AVA for short). We aim to promote solidarity among Vietnamese students on campus and our Vietnamese culture to students at the university. 2022 was a successful year for us, and we strive to bring more exciting events to the broader community, not just Vietnamese, in 2023. Stay tuned and mark your calendars with our event dates!


March 5 (Sun): Welcome Party - Beach day

  • March 13 (Mon): White Valentine
  • April 10 (Mon): HIDDEN EVENT
  • June 3 (Sat): A Trip Back to Childhood (T?t Thi?u Nhi)
  • August 19 (Sat): Badminton Tournament 
  • October 19 (Thu): Art Event (TBC)
  • November: EOY Prom (TBC)

2023 Committee:

  • President: Truc Ha (Hattie) Nguyen
  • Vice President/Secretary: Ngoc Le Quyen (Queenie) Phan
  • Treasurer: Thi Chau Anh (Gemma) Cao
  • Event team:
    • Minh Huu Phuoc (Jason) Phan [LEADER]
    • Ngoc Quynh Giang (Jane) Vo
    • Minh Khanh (Kay) Nguyen
    • Le Huu Phuoc Phan
    • Vu Huy Nguyen
    • Phan Khanh Duy (Brian) Tran
  • Marketing team:
    • Tieu Quyen (Sue) Duong [LEADER]
    • Hoang Giang (Gary) Nguyen
    • Ho Minh Thu (Rachel) Van
    • Manh Hung Do
  • Design team:
    • Hong Duc (Janson) Vu [LEADER]
    • Ai Quan (Jun) Van [ADVISOR]
    • Vu Anh Quan Nguyen
    • Bao Linh (Lacey) Dang

Fee: FREE to join

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