About Us

Welcome to the Writers Club, where the art of storytelling comes to life! We're an inclusive community united by a shared love for the written word. No matter your writing experience, if you have a passion for expressing yourself through words, you're one of us. 

During our engaging sessions, we'll explore different writing styles. From short forms to prompts and beyond, we'll learn how to use words effectively. We'll also dive into the details, discovering literary techniques, creating interesting characters, and crafting memorable plots.

At our workshops, everyone is free to share their creations. Constructive feedback is provided to those who ask for it, nurturing confidence in their works and facilitating discussion of concepts and technicalities. All members are invited to participate in the creation of our several long-term group projects, where together we craft a novel full of unexpected turns - even to those who write them! 

Come and improve your writing skills, ignite your creativity, and enjoy the company of fellow writers. Together, we'll create stories, venture into new worlds, and embrace the wonder of words! There are no limits to what imagination can achieve.

Feel free to contact us directly via our email, join our facebook page, or check out our website! Hope to see you there!