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Statement regarding On Dit Editor

Following a detailed investigation and referral from the YouX Student Media Independent Committee, the YouX Board has made the decision to remove Adelaide University Student Media Director, Habibah Jaghoori from her position as an On Dit Editor effective immediately.

The Student Media Independent Committee which convened at the request of the YouX Board, found that her recent public conduct would reasonably be perceived by any fair-minded person to be threatening the welfare of students at our University. It is important to clarify that this finding is not against her article For Palestine, there is No Ceasefire, the investigation specifically related to her conduct and behaviour since the article's publication. Despite numerous opportunities to clarify her position and dispel any misinterpretation, she has continued to use language in public forums that can be clearly construed to support actions that could threaten the welfare of students.

As an elected representative she is subject to the same organisational values as all other representatives and employees of YouX.

The Committee respects and supports the editorial independence of On Dit Editors and does not seek to censor or influence the publication in any way. The findings of the Committee are in relation to the continued and sustained behaviour of the Editor in question and the manner in which she has chosen to push her point of view in the public domain.

YouX has a mandate to support all students equally and will never condone actions which could be perceived as discriminatory against any individual or group of students. We provide critical support and services to over 25,000 students at the University of Adelaide which includes students of many varied ethnicities, religions, and identities.

We understand that differences of opinion will always exist amongst individuals and groups at a University of our size. We value diversity but advocate for respectful and constructive debate.

The decision of the Board is final and concludes all actions and investigations on this matter.

For more information about this decision, please refer to the FAQs page on our website.

Oscar Ong

YouX President

Isaac Trumble

YouX Vice-President