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Billy Zimmermann

Degree and Year of study: 

Fourth year of my double Arts/IR Degree

What inspired you to engage with the office and the role you currently hold?

I got involved in student representation because I saw students voices not adequetly being listened to by the University. I want to correct the inherent power imbalance students face and make University a great place to be.

What Clubs are you involved with at UofA?

In 2021 I was the President of the Arts Students Association as well as the Republic Club. Beyond that, I am on the executive of the Labor Club.

What led you to join the clubs?  

I wanted to engage with my peers in Arts and ensure that students had the opportunities to thrive while doing their degree. For the Republic and Labor Clubs, I got involved because I wanted to advocate for the values I held.

Favourite holiday destination/activity?

Anywhere where there is a beach. 

Favourite place to study on campus?

Gotta be UniBar

What do you hope to achieve in your office and role(s) in 2022?

Through the position of General Secretary, I hope to turn the SRC around, increase visibility, ensure good governance and fight for students.

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

Join clubs you're passionate about, make some friends. University isn't all study and having a club or some good friends will mean you can get the most out of your experience.