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Tom Wood

Degree and year of study-


What inspired you to engage with the office and the role you currently hold?

As (should) be a requirement of the role, I am passionate about social justice. I am actively involved in anti-poverty and environmental activism on campus and elsewhere. From experience, only collective grassroots action wins and hearts and minds. That's why I believe that with an activist orientation and a collaborative spirit, a progressive SRC in 2022 will achieve big wins for students.

What do you hope to achieve in your office and the role in 2022?

Student poverty is everywhere but its scale is rarely acknowledged by our corporatised university. As your Social Justice Officer, I want to win more support for students who are struggling financially. This would include practical support from the university but also wider political demands. Centrelink payments need to be raised above the poverty line and the Centrelink age of independence should be lowered from 22 to 18. Unfortunately, international students are unable to receive financial support from Centrelink. For this reason, I plan to work with international students to combat wage theft and workplace exploitation. This may include sharing information and hosting events on campus that educate international students about their workplace rights.

What clubs are you involved with at UofA?

The Greens Club, the Arts Students Association, and the Social Sciences Society.

What led you to join the club?

I want to help promote progressive political discussion and activities on campus.

Favourite holiday destination/ activity?

Visiting my family in Scotland. Australian beaches are too hot and I burn easily.

Favourite place on campus to study?


What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

Get involved in clubs during O'Week. Start attending social events ASAP because it can be hard to make friends in classes. Try and attend or listen to your lectures before class and take notes that you can bring to your tutorials. This will help you get the best grades possible.