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Hi! I'm Felix. I am really passionate about a number of issues including supporting clubs, good governance and quality student representation.

As someone who has had experience on faculty and university committees, the SRC, Student Media and club executives, I think that I’m a well-rounded student who can be truly representative of many students at the uni and can be an effective advocate for their interests, and that is what made me put my hand up to run for this role. 

?? If you have any questions or want to raise anything with me, feel free to email me at:

?? UofA Course

Law / International Studies (Sixth year)

??  What do you hope to achieve in your office and role in 2022?

My main three goals are to:

  1. Support clubs (whether through lobbying for more funding, better support or more flexible grants to apply for)
  2. Support good governance and transparency within YouX
  3. Support greater access to student representatives so that all students feel they are represented and heard
? What is something—big or small—that you are really good at?

Notwithstanding lighting fast consumption of chicken parmis, I have found that I am quite good at planning club events and helping clubs with drafting constitutional changes.

? What is the biggest mistake you have made at Uni?

Missing more than one lecture in a row. If you miss one lecture you can catch up during the semester, but if you miss two in a row, you are doomed to desperately cramming new content during SWOTVAC. That and of course not signing up to more clubs at O’Week in my first year.

?? What is your number one tip for a new student?

Join a club and get involved in campus culture. University is more than just the degree you graduate with, and clubs are the best way to be involved in campus culture. There are over 160 clubs here so there’s bound to be one for you! And if there isn’t one that floats your boat, make your own!

?? What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Nerdy, Pragmatic, Clubphile