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The "Adelaide University Finance Society" is pleased to extend an invitation to its forthcoming two-day symposium of the Wealth Management Competition, "Navigating through the Financial Markets: Decoding News & Noise," slated for the 27th & 28th of September within the specialised confines of the Financial Markets Lab. 

This meticulously curated event aims to elucidate the intricate relationship between financial markets and various forms of news stimuli, thereby equipping participants with the acumen to discern actionable intelligence from market noise.

27th, The inaugural day will commence with a comprehensive overview of financial market structures, accentuating the integral role that news plays in market fluctuations. Starting the event at 9:00 am This foundation will be immediately applied in a simulated market environment, allowing participants to gauge their proficiency in real-time decision-making. Importantly, this will offer participants an authentic experience akin to that of a trading firm, as they will be responsible for making critical buy and sell decisions, thereby gaining practical know-how of the operations. 

28th, The subsequent day will pivot towards the nuanced concept of 'market,' offering insights into its potential impact on investment strategies. This will set the stage for a rigorous portfolio competition, comprising twelve pre-selected teams of four financial aficionados each. The competition is designed to assess the participants' aptitude in efficaciously navigating the financial markets, culminating in the crowning of the team with the most robust portfolio performance.

The event will conclude with an exclusive Networking Session, featuring a curated selection of beverages. This presents a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with esteemed professionals from diverse financial sectors. Given the limited availability of slots, prompt registration is strongly advised to secure your team's participation. The Finance Society anticipates your invaluable contribution to the success of this event.